Full Shell 

Full Shell hearing aids, also known as In the Ear (ITE) aids, are a reliable and effective hearing solution offered by Universal Hearing Center. Designed to fill the outer portion of the ear, these hearing aids are customized to fit the unique contours of each user's ear, ensuring maximum comfort and optimal sound quality. Here's an overview of Full Shell hearing aids and their key features:

Bluetooth Enabled

How Full Shell Hearing Aids Work


Custom-Made for Comfort

Full Shell hearing aids are custom-molded to fit the outer ear. This personalized fit not only ensures comfort but also maximizes the aid's effectiveness in sound amplification and clarity.


Highly Visible, Easy to Handle

These hearing aids are larger and more visible compared to in-canal models, making them easier to handle, especially for users with dexterity challenges or vision impairments.


Visibility and Accessibility

Despite their larger size, Full Shell hearing aids are packed with advanced features such as directional microphones, volume controls, and programmable settings, enhancing the user's listening experience.

Advantages of Full Shell Hearing

Ease of Use

Their larger size makes them easier to insert and remove, adjust volume, and change batteries, which is particularly beneficial for elderly users or those with limited fine motor skills.

Powerful Amplification

Full Shell hearing aids are capable of providing stronger amplification. They are well-suited for a broader range of hearing loss, including severe cases.

Battery Life

Due to their size, they can accommodate larger batteries, which means longer battery life and less frequent battery changes.

Customizable Options

They offer more room for additional features like telecoils, multiple listening programs, and larger, easier-to-use controls.


Their robust design makes them durable and resistant to wear and tear.

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