In the Canal 

In the Canal (ITC) hearing aids are a popular choice for those seeking a balance between performance and discretion. At Universal Hearing Center, our ITC hearing aids are designed to provide a comfortable, barely noticeable hearing solution that doesn’t compromise on sound quality. Here's an overview of In the Canal hearing aids and their unique features:

Bluetooth Enabled

How In the Canal Hearing Aids Work


Custom Fit

CIC hearing aids are custom-molded to fit entirely within the ear canal, tailored to the unique shape of each individual's ear. This personalized fit ensures both comfort and a secure placement.


Technologically Advanced

Despite their compact size, CIC aids are equipped with the latest digital hearing technology. They often include features such as directional microphones, digital noise reduction, and feedback cancellation, offering a superior listening experience.


Visibility and Accessibility

The small size and deep placement within the ear canal make CIC hearing aids nearly invisible when worn, catering to those who prefer a more discreet option

Advantages of In the Canal Hearing Aids

Discreet Yet Accessible

ITC aids strike a perfect balance between being discreet and easy to handle. They are less visible than larger models but offer easier handling and maintenance.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Their position in the ear canal allows for natural sound quality. The ear’s natural acoustics contribute to better sound localization and a more natural listening experience.

Customizable Options

ITC hearing aids can accommodate various features like volume control, directional microphones, and programmable settings, which are not always available in smaller hearing aid styles.

Comfortable for Extended Wear

Customized to the shape of the ear, ITC aids offer a comfortable fit, ideal for prolonged usage.

Reduced Feedback

Their design helps to minimize feedback, a common issue with hearing aids where amplified sound is re-captured by the microphone.

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