Invisible in Canal 

Invisible in Canal (IIC) hearing aids are a remarkable solution for individuals seeking an almost invisible option for hearing assistance. Designed to be tiny and discreet, these hearing aids are custom-fitted to sit completely inside the ear canal, making them virtually undetectable to others. 

Bluetooth Enabled

How Invisible in Canal Hearing Aids Work


Custom Fit

IIC hearing aids are custom-molded to fit the unique shape of each user's ear canal. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit, which is crucial for all-day wear.


Advanced Technology in a Small Package

Despite their small size, IIC aids incorporate advanced digital hearing technology. They can include features like wireless connectivity, directional microphones, and noise reduction to improve the listening experience.


Placement Close to the Eardrum

Their position deep in the ear canal means that these hearing aids can use the ear's natural acoustics for a clearer, more natural sound quality. This placement allows for better sound localization and a more natural listening experience.

Advantages of Invisible in Canal Hearing Aids

Cosmetic Appeal

The most significant advantage of IIC hearing aids is their cosmetic appeal. Since they're nearly invisible when worn, they're an excellent choice for those who are self-conscious about wearing hearing aids.

Natural Sound Experience

The deep placement in the ear canal allows sound to be collected in a way that mimics the natural hearing process, leading to a more natural sound quality.

Reduced Wind Noise

IIC aids are less susceptible to wind noise compared to other styles, as they are protected by the ear itself.

Easy to Use with Phones and Headphones

Their placement makes it easier to use telephones and headphones without interference.

Comfortable for Extended Wear

Custom fitting and deep canal placement make IIC aids comfortable for prolonged use, with many users reporting that they forget they're wearing them.

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