Hearing Protection

Noise induced hearing loss is one of the most common causes of hearing loss today. This is why it is vital to engage in the conservation and preservation of our hearing. 

We can lose our hearing with one burst of a loud sound, over a few hours, or gradually over time. 

Noise induced hearing loss is a function of time, average sound level, and peak levels of loud sounds.


Tips to Protect your Hearing

Turn down loud volume:

  • When listening to loud music, television, and/or radio, turn down the volume
  • Reduce the number of noisy appliances running simultaneously
  • Invest in quieter products based on their ratings (dB) (the lower the better)


Move away from the sound source:

  • Stay away from the loud noise source/speakers when possible
  • When source becomes too loud, maintain a distance from it


Wear Ear Protection:

  • Hearing protection should be worn when around any loud noise source, even parties
  • If a loud sound is sudden, use your hands to protect your ears 
  • Hearing protection can be custom made for your ears (better sound reduction) or can be generic 


Ask us about your complimentary set of generic ear plugs

Universal Hearing Center offers various custom made hearing protection products for your needs.

We make custom ear plugs, hunting ear plugs, swim plugs, and  i-Custom Plugs (for use with bud/button style earphones).

In addition, we make custom musician’s ear plugs.

Musician’s ear plugs have special filters that reduce harmful noise while still maintaining excellent sound quality for speech and music.

This is a great choice not only for musicians, but for all music lovers. 

Any style of the custom ear plugs will be tailored to your favorite color.



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