Dr. Chani Flohr

Expert Audiologist and Advocate for Comprehensive Hearing Health

Introducing Dr. Chani Flohr, a dedicated audiologist with a focus on holistic hearing healthcare for both adults and children. At the heart of Dr. Flohr’s practice is her commitment to providing patient-centered audiological care, drawing on her extensive experience across various clinical settings, including private practice, hospital, and ENT environments.

Educational and Professional Foundation

Dr. Flohr's academic journey began with a Liberal Arts undergraduate degree from Excelsior College, followed by a Doctorate in Audiology from the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research during her doctoral studies centered on adults with normal hearing who experience hearing difficulties. This work underscores her ongoing commitment to raising awareness and education in this area.

Diverse Clinical Expertise

Dr. Flohr's proficiency encompasses a wide range of audiological services. Her expertise in conducting comprehensive hearing assessments and applying the latest hearing aid technologies is complemented by her deep understanding of the emotional aspects of hearing loss. She addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals and their families, ensuring a compassionate and empathetic approach to care.

Personal Interests and Commitments

Beyond her professional life, Dr. Flohr is deeply devoted to her family, cherishing time spent with her husband and two sons. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, playing board games, and engaging in creative activities like building Lego structures with her six-year-old son.

Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

What distinguishes Dr. Flohr is her fervent dedication to tailoring her approach to the individual needs of each patient. She recognizes the significant impact of hearing loss on both the individual and their loved ones and is devoted to providing care that encompasses both the technical and emotional aspects of audiology.

Accreditations and Community Involvement

Dr. Flohr's professional accomplishments are marked by her active involvement in the audiological community and her commitment to continuous learning and advocacy in the field of hearing health.

Dr. Chani Flohr, with her comprehensive approach and empathetic nature, is a vital part of the community, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for those with hearing challenges.

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