The Art & Science of Hearing Solutions

The hearing care industry is full of options promising better technology, lower costs or greater capabilities. However, what is the point of having the most advanced technology if that technology doesn’t improve your hearing lifestyle?

We believe it’s not only about having the latest technology solutions, it’s about how the correct technology is applied by the best hearing health care professionals to deliver the precise treatment plan for your hearing needs. We understand how critical it is that your treatment plan is custom tailored to fit your lifestyle. This philosophy is what we call “The Art & Science” of hearing health care.

The “Art” is our providers’ ability to understand your lifestyle and counsel you on the process of reconnecting to your world. The more demanding your daily listening situations are, the more comprehensive your counseling and treatment plan will be.

The “Science” references diagnostic protocols utilized along with the specific technology, rehabilitation techniques and verification protocols provided by your hearing care professional. It is the combination of our providers’ “Art” with the most comprehensive diagnostic tests and today’s latest technology that will give you the best value for your investment.

Today’s Hearing Devices Offer Revolutionary Advancements Designed to Satisfy

Advancements in digital hearing technology have resulted in numerous features designed to enhance your experience. Some of the more important advances to consider prior to investing in treatment for your hearing health care include:

  • Directional Microphones: The use of directional microphones means the hearing device can focus in on the sounds you want to hear while filtering out unwanted noise. This feature can dramatically increase the ability to understand and communicate.
  • Feedback/Whistling Cancellation: Hearing devices with feedback cancellation can automatically detect and eliminate feedback that causes annoying whistling sounds before it is heard.
  • Open-fit Technology: Traditional earmolds that fit tightly within the ear canal can cause occlusion, that “plugged-up” or “talking in a barrel” sensation. Open-fit earmolds allow for more venting by keeping the ear canal less obstructed.
  • Automatic Adjustments: As environmental conditions change, your device easily adapts to wind, crowd noise and talking on the phone with hands-free convenience.
  • Noise Reduction & Speech Enhancement: Advanced signal processing systems evaluate the incoming signal on your device to amplify speech sounds and reduce background noises based on frequency levels.
  • Customized Programming: Digital technology means your hearing health care provider can program your hearing devices to meet your unique needs in a variety of environments.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® and other wireless technologies allow your hearing devices to connect directly to your cellphone, TV, companion microphone and landline phone.


You should expect to partner with your hearing health care provider to choose the treatment plan ideally suited for your personal lifestyle, level of hearing loss, the physical characteristics of your ear canal, cosmetic preferences, manual dexterity and budget.

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