Hearing Protection

Understanding Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

One of the leading causes of hearing loss today is noise-induced hearing loss, emphasizing the need to actively protect and conserve our hearing capabilities. Exposure to a single loud noise, sustained loud noises, or consistent exposure over time can all contribute to hearing loss. The risk is influenced by factors such as duration, average sound level, and peak loudness of noises.

Effective Hearing Protection Strategies

Lowering Volume

  • Reduce the volume when listening to music, television, or radio.
  • Limit the use of multiple noisy appliances simultaneously.
  • Opt for products with lower decibel (dB) ratings for quieter operation.

Distance from Noise Sources

  • Keep a safe distance from loud noise sources and speakers.
  • Move away from excessively loud environments when possible.

Using Hearing Protection

  • Employ hearing protection in noisy settings, including social events.
  • In unexpected loud situations, cover your ears with your hands.
  • Choose between custom-made hearing protection for superior sound reduction or generic options.

Complimentary Ear Plugs and Custom Hearing Protection at Universal Hearing Center

At Universal Hearing Center, a complimentary set of generic ear plugs is offered. The center also provides a range of custom-made hearing protection products to cater to various needs:

Effective Hearing Protection Strategies

Custom Ear Plugs

Ideal for general use.

Hunting Ear Plugs

Specifically designed for hunting environments

Swim Plugs

Protect your ears during swimming.

i-Custom Plugs

Compatible with bud/button style earphones

Musician’s Ear Plugs

Equipped with special filters to reduce noise while preserving the quality of speech and music. Suitable for musicians and music enthusiasts.

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